Goals and Principles

The concept of social responsibility originates from core values of Cisun --- create value and share value.We believe social harmony demands joint efforts of each person and organization. Only when the enterprise consciously takes the social responsibility in economic development, social insurance, cultural education and environmental protection, can social civilization progress become sustainable.

So, we will endeavor actively to carry out various social constructions for 30 consecutive years with " progress with the world in harmony and let the light of civilization always shine" being enterprise mission and commitment.

Over the years, Cisun adhere to the management according to law, pay taxes in good faith, and strive to contribute to economic development in the region, pay attention to staff development, investment, employee training, protect the interests of employees. At the same time, Cisun actively supports education, charity, environmental protection and other public welfare undertakings, and supports the urban community construction and new rural construction and other public undertakings.

Financing poor students in mountain areas

To support the charity, propaganda Rute enterprise culture, enterprise society, dedication of love, Rute group has always adhered to "love - student dream cast" project of poor students welfare funding in mountainous areas.

Through economic aid mountain poor students successfully complete their education, to help poor students to build up the mountain on the spirit of "self-reliance, self-confidence and self-improvement will, for the future of these students can better serve the society, transfer to lay a solid foundation for the concept of love.

Develop University-enterprise Cooperation to Boost Graduate Employment

Every year, Cisun will recruit hundreds of outstanding graduates from major universities nationwide, providing them with systematic training, broad development platform and good promotion channels. At the same time, Cisun and many schools to carry out school enterprise cooperation model to help graduates achieve fixed employment. Cisun believes, give them a chance, they will work together with the company to create a future!

Earthquake Relief --- we believe boundless love

Several major accidents and disasters, such as the Wenchuan earthquake, Fukushima nuclear power plant near Tianjin port, leakage accident accident and so on, Shanghai Cisun New Energy Equipment &Technology Co.,Ltd. will be very concerned about the people in the disaster areas, and quickly organized a donation, donate to the donation through various channels.

In the pursuit of scientific and technological innovation at the same time, Cisun more and more attention to efficient, energy-saving environmental protection equipment research and development and production. How to improve resource utilization, reduce energy consumption and prolong the service life of equipment, reduce environmental pollution, how to build a win-win industry ecosystem, it is the pursuit of common enterprise harmony, growth and sustainable development of the society, but also Cisun as a corporate citizen bounden duty.

Develop green equipment and promote green industry

Cisun product development attaches great importance to the green environmental protection and sustainable development, as early as in 2012, we have a positive response to the national "green mining" advocates, determine the green mining equipment R & D and production work, the company has launched the third generation mobile crushing equipment and VU vertical high quality sand equipment, so as to promote the recycling of domestic the pace of mining equipment, realize the ore waste and reduce the difficulty of greening construction waste. In 2014, we developed a series of K mobile stations for the difficulties of municipal construction waste disposal, which realized the local disposal of construction waste and promoted the disposal and utilization of construction waste. In 2016 two sessions, the CPPCC National Committee of the press and publication sector jointly submitted the "accelerating the construction waste 100% recycling industry development," the proposal is to enhance our "green equipment development" confidence.

Green Guidance

  • Guide staff to pay attention to the concept of green environmental protection and practice it from daily work, thus making jobs more environmentally friendly.
  • Guide green equipment development based on the long term to develop more environmentally-friendly green equipment and promote the green industry.
  • Guide green project investment; Cisun endeavors to advocate customers introducing the concept of green environmental protection, grasping the green market and developing the green industry.

Green Production

  • In addition to ideological guidance, Cisun thoroughly conducts green production by strictly controlling the subsequent processing of water & solid waste and greatly reducing noise pollution.
  • Continuously improve manufacturing process and strictly control the manufacturing process to raise product acceptability because we believe defective products are the biggest waste of energy and resources.
  • From the point of direct beneficiaries of green development, Cisun stresses safe and healthy operation and carries out safe production training regularly.