Service Advantage
  • Absorbed

    Cisun is committed to R & D, fluid & powder equipment design, manufacturing, sales and service, the formation of dispersing equipment, grinding equipment, emulsifying equipment, mixing equipment, mixing equipment, containers and conveying equipment, process control equipment can complete the product chain, and for the customer and can provide the whole plant equipment the output for the user. We have a professional pre-sales team, through the full communication with customers, to recommend and select the most appropriate and economic equipment.

  • Experience

    In the long-term manufacturing practice, Cisun has gathered and trained a high-quality engineer team engaged in technical work for many years in the chemical and mechanical industries. Our engineers have advanced design concepts, design ideas and rigorous, solid technical strength, rich experience in design and manufacture, has been successful for food, medicine, paint, ink, resin, pigments, adhesives, lubricants, pesticides, building materials, lithium battery materials, printing and dyeing and textile auxiliaries and other industries to provide reasonable solutions and get the praise of customers.

  • Cooperation

    Each engineer Cisun have their own expertise and is responsible for the work in the field, some very experienced of mixing equipment, some grinding equipment has a very unique opinion on the sand, some master system design process, some of the instruments and appliances is very understanding and so on; the design team in strict accordance with the design process execution, and through cooperation cooperation between the team, to our customers to produce a satisfactory answer.

  • Development

    "Talent is the cornerstone of long-term development of enterprises", "Cisun" attaches great importance to the cultivation of talent. On the one hand, we from the recruitment of colleges and universities of various high-quality technical team for the blood supplement, on the other hand, we have the ability to develop from the production base, love learning, dare to struggle the front-line workers; and through continuous training and self training, formed a good learning atmosphere and strong momentum of development; at the same time according to the need of development of era, Cisun technology pioneered and use Solidworks three-dimension mechanical design and computer simulation test system, created within the same industry.

  • Innovate

    Cisun to "independent innovation, leading the market" for the enterprise mission, long-term commitment to the development and application of products, has developed a variety of international advanced level products, such as nano wet grinding machine, vacuum drying complete system, multi-purpose emulsification grinding machine, access to a number of invention and utility model patents, and successfully the application to production, has been highly recognized by the user. At the same time, we have been working closely with universities, institutes and industries to develop new high-tech products and promote the innovation and development of fluid powder equipment.

  • Service

    We believe that the customer needs a set of efficient, reliable, quality solutions, not only good products, but also a full set of quality services. We never think that customer order products are all our goals, It's just the beginning of a range of efficient products and services, and our goal is to ensure that our customers are satisfied with what we offer to the end!

Service Support

Stand-alone products

1) In the initial stage of communication, we will communicate fully with our customers and provide various product consultation forms. After completing the form, we will introduce and recommend the most suitable products to our customers. Non standard products, customers will request to inform us, we according to the requirements of the body to customers to develop solutions to solve technical problems.
2) After signing the contract between the two parties, the technical department will issue the equipment general plan in the shortest possible time to confirm with the customer. There are some places that need to be modified. We will make the amendment as soon as possible and confirm it again. At the same time, the design uses a reasonable process to produce the best products to customers.
3) In the equipment after the production, we can provide free trial service in the factory, and will give customers the detail features, equipment operation and maintenance; at the same time, will issue a detailed product specification, to ensure that customers buy the rest assured that with satisfactory.
4) To reach the user units in the equipment, we will continue to keep in touch with customers, give customers timely answers to questions, to ensure the smooth operation of the product; in the normal operation of the equipment, we will regularly visit customers, if what happens, we will immediately respond and solve the problem in the short period of time; at the same time, our products and technology in the unceasing renewal, if there are new techniques, we will inform the customer, if necessary, can upgrade the product of original equipment.

System project

1) In the initial stage of the project, our project team will communicate with customers. The project team includes process engineer, piping engineer, construction engineer, engineer, engineer, electrical engineer and so on; our engineers have very rich experience in design and field work experience. We will provide customers with free plant layout plan, equipment layout, process flow chart and so on for the customers at the beginning of the project.
2) After the initial program is basically confirmed, our cost engineer will initially calculate the system project cost and confirm it to the user. Both sides can carry out the whole system on the basis of the project funds, and make proper technological changes or configuration changes on the premise that the system project function is satisfied.
3) In the initial programme and price of basic identity, we will send the project team to site visits and negotiations, the two sides to make final program confirmation and price confirmation.
4) In the system project production, we will maintain close contact with customers, and coordinate the various departments to do all the work to ensure that the equipment delivered on time.
5) Upon arrival of the equipment, we will send a professional engineering service team, which is responsible for the installation, commissioning and training of the whole project (including the operation, training, maintenance and training of the equipment). Finally, the project was delivered to the user's hands, to confirm the user's own use, no problem, we were evacuated from the scene.
6) In the subsequent production work, we will regularly visit customers, if what problem, we immediately respond and solve the problem in the shortest time; at the same time, our product technology is constantly updated, if updates are new technology, we will inform the customer, if required, can upgrade the product original equipment.

Pre-sales serviceCisun's sales engineers have many years of technical background in the field of chemical and mechanical engineering. At the same time, Cisun in equipment application has accumulated rich experience and data; and our sales engineer communication, consultation, you can get the equipment selection and reasonable design, Cisun professional laboratory, provide laboratory and pilot test data, and optional production equipment for your reference.

Help from salespeopleCisun implement project manager responsibility system, order tracking, and carrying out service to customers, work includes: technical drawings, audit outsourcing schedule and quality tracking, production schedule, quality control of semi-finished products and finished product quality control, product appearance, factory report and technical documents, logistics, equipment installation, commissioning, training, until delivery for customers;. Contact the customer in time and report the progress of order.

After-sale serviceCisun has a world-class after-sales service system and service team, adhering to the "customer satisfaction" purpose, to provide customers with quality service, we promise:
1) One year warranty, the warranty period, the implementation of three bags, our company to provide free technical support;
2) Service hotline throughout the day opened, professional engineers answer, received customer feedback, reply within 1 hours;
3) If it is necessary to solve the problem and send professional technical service personnel, the problem will not be solved and the service personnel will not be evacuated;
4) Within the warranty period and provide free recall service (force majeure damage, except for man-made damage), the warranty material cost;
5) We have a strong equipment parts library, you purchase equipment, all accessories in the equipment after delivery within 10 years, you can buy in the market or our department, and we provide parts for the cost price;
6) The equipment upgrade service: with innovation, our products are constantly upgrading, if you buy equipment in use for many years, and the gap of production equipment performance is very large, we can provide the upgrade service for you, only charge the cost of fees;
7) We will keep the commercial documents, technical documents, factory records, maintenance records and maintenance records of each equipment or each project, so as to provide better and better service for our clients;