● Oct.   ROOT group Anhui production base put into production, the annual output value of more than RMB 300 million yuan plan.


● Jan.   ROOT group to build the Anhui Lingbi mu production base.


● Oct.   Cisun company joined the ROOT group, implementation of the group management mode.


● May.   In India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Egypt and other countries to establish agents, overseas business steady development.


● Jan.   Cisun signed the first order, Inner Mongolia enterprise negative electrode material production line project.

● Jun.   Cisun Jiangqiao Wanda Plaza marketing center was founded.

● Aug.   Cisun production and processing base moved to Huaxin Town, Qingpu district.

● Nov.   CISUN brand strategy development in a comprehensive upgrade to achieve the industry's first half year equipment free home maintenance, CISUN company's after-sales service features.

● Dec.   Cisun company signed the first foreign production line project, with an annual output of 5000T resin production line, the project is located in Malaysia bahru.


● Dec.   Shanghai Cisun New Energy Equipment &Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in Shanghai, Pudong New Area.