Vacuum Disperser

【Product Brief】

Dispersing machine is mainly for the dispersion of solid-liquid fluid mixture of different viscosity, the High speed rotate dispersing disc will have a strong function of shearing, impacting, dispersing, crushing to materials and to achieve rapid mixing, dissolving, dispersing, fine of the function. Widely used in paints, inks, dyes, inks, color paste, chemical and other industries.

Product Details

1. Applied in large batch production for industy

2,,Special protective sleeve device for main shaft to ensure the safety of operational man;

3. Sealed design, volatile loss, less friction loss, eco-friendly;

4. High automatic, fingures show of temperature and pressure gauge.

5. Floor type, platform type and cylinder type are optional;

6. Available to design of explosion-proof;

7. Available to be customized as per customer's requirements;

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