Lab Series Sand Mill

【Product Brief】

Laboratory-grade sand mills are widely used in laboratory small-scale production and formulation studies. Grinding chamber volume includes 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 Liter, the rotor can use rod, disc, turbine structure, the material can be PU, ceramic, alloy steel, the material discharging method adopts dynamic or static discharging, which can meet different research and production requirements. This series of models uses a high end mechanical seal with reliability and durability, the grinding cylinder is completely sealed, avoiding the mixing of air, preventing the generation of bubbles and solvent evaporation, and greatly reducing environmental pollution.

Product Details

Machine Features:

1) Turbine, disc or pin type inner structure allows high grinding efficiency. It can reach 100 nanometer for D90.
2) According to the process characteristic, the rotation rate of the dispersion shaft can be steplessly changed by the frequency conversion technology to get the best process parameters.
3) Pressure and temperature automatic control devices ensure safe production.
4) Applied with world-class pneumatic diaphragm or peristaltic feeding pump, suitable for small production
5) Owning the same production effect with industrial sand mill, experimental result of laboratory bead mill could be applied in large production directly.
6) Reasonable design for inner and outer structure allows stable performance with no vibration and noise.
7) Ceramic and PU material are optional.
8) Frequency control and PLC are optional.
9) With CE&ISO9001:2008 qualification.
10) Dynamic or static separating system for different material to ensure smooth discharging.

Working Principle:

The main motor drives the spindle rotor to rotate at a high speed through a direct coupling (pulley), and the turbine/disc/pin-pin rotor on the wheel drive grinding medium to generate a great deal of impact, friction and shear force to mix and grind material thoroughly.

Application Area:

Mainly used in the micro-and nano-level grinding of fine chemical industry. Suitable for scientific research, formula research and development, small and medium sample production in universities, research institutes and production companies.


Model Grinding Chamber(L)





Grinding Medium(mm)



CSS-0.2CD 0.2 1.1 2840 0.6-1.0 50 615*200*530
CSS-0.5AD 0.5 2.2 2840 0.6-1.0 80 520*400*460
CSS-0.5BJD 0.5 4 3400 0.3-1.0 150 750*600*700
CSS-1.0CD 1.0 4 2840 0.6-1.0 150 750*600*700
CSS-1.0BJD 1.0 4 3400 0.2-1.0 150 750*600*700

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