Hydraulic Extruder

【Product Brief】

Hydralic extruder is a corollary equipment , used with planetary mixer for filling. Under the heavy pressure of plate, It can extrude high viscosity materials flow towards discharging valve, and then fill into package.

Product Details

1. Alternative PLC automatic control system

2. Non-standards and personal design as per customer's process.

3. Simple structure, easy operation, high performance, better efficiency, stable and wide using scope.

4. Strong seal to prevent air in; configurated with scrappers, no material return back and no wall stains.

5. Structure: all parts as a whole; single arm model or gantry model; hydralic lifting of 0-2000mm. This equipment consists of machine seat, double column hydralic lifting system, oil tank, press plate, hydralic station and electronical box etc.

6. Press Plate: matched with mixing tank.

7. Pressure: calculated according to material viscosity and discharging speed.

8. Oriented Form: guide rods.

9. Material-extruded type: driven by hydralic oil tank.

10. Lifting: hydralic lifting.

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