3000T Coating Production Line

【Product Brief】

Water-based paint production complete plant is up to technology development of international tend in coating industry. It can realize to high fineness, high efficiency for any working procedure, such as dispersing, milling and paint mixing etc. The equipment consist of feeding system, outlet system, filtering system, paint mixing system, cooling system, pipeline system, electrical control system, operating platform and filling system. Water-based paint production complete plant with advance ability of dispersing, milling, emulsifying. It is suitable for high and middle level coating. Customer service is available for your detail requirements, Cisun sincerely at your service.

Product Details
Complete Plant for Latex Paint 
(Annual Output 3000tons)
S/N System Equipment Quantity Specification
1 Dosing System Powder Feeding Tank 1 Volume 250L; Material SUS304;
Mirror Polished
Liquid Feeding Tank 1 Volume 250L; Material SUS304;
Mirror Polished
Latex Feeding Tank 1 Volume 250L; Material SUS304;
Mirror Polished
Vacuum Buffer Tank 1 Volume 15L; Material SUS304;
Mirror Polished
Vacuum Pump 1 Power 5.5KW; Water-ring Vacuum Pump
2 Dispersing System Disperser 1 Power 22KW; Speed 0-1440rpm; 
frequency Control; Mechanical seal
Dispersing Vessel 1 Volume 1000L; Single Layer; Material SUS304; Mirror Polished; Vacuumize
3 Milling System Basket Mill 1 Power 30KW; Speed 0-1440rpm; 
Frequency Control; Mechanical Seal
Grinding Vessel 1 Volume 1000L; Double Layer with Cooling Jacket; Material SUS304; 
Mirror Polished; Vacuumize
4 Tinting System Paddle Mixer 1 Power 7.5KW; Speed 65rpm; 
Seal Configuration
Tinting Vessel 1 Volume 2000L; Single Layer; Material SUS304; Mirror Polished; Vacuumize
High-speed Disperser 2 Power 22KW; Speed 0-1440rpm;
Frequency Control; Mechanical Seal
Anchor Paddle Mixer 1 Power 7.5KW; Speed 41rpm; 
Packing Seal
Tinting Vessel 1 Volume 3000L; Single Layer; Material SUS304; Mirror Polished; Vacuumize
5 Conveying Filling Diaphragm Pump 1 DN40 Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump
Filter 1 Quick-open Type Bag Filter; 
Material SUS304; Mirror Polished
Air Compressor 1 Air Supply Offered by Customer
Filling Machine 1 The Type of GF Semi-automatic Filling Machine According to Customer Requirements; With hopper
6 Operating Platform Operating Platform 1 8.5m*3.3m*2m; Stainless Steel Handrail; Pattern Aluminum Platform
7 Control System Electrical Cabinets 1 Composite Structure; With on-site Operation Box to Realize Operation of Site
8 Pipeline System Pipeline Valve 1 Sanitary Ball Valve and Pipeline; Mirror Polished; Stainless Steel Flexible Hose for inner Lining
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