Pesticide Production Line

【Product Brief】

Cisun pesticide production plant mainly is mainly used for production of many kinds of preparation, such as water soluble, granules, powder, emulsions in water and the like. It also used for various of total solution, there are mass transfer and reaction, material preparation, automatic material handling include powder or liquid, dispersing emulsifying, grinding and finished product filling, etc.

Product Details

Optional Functions:

1, Suitable for large-scale production, annual output of 1000-50000T;

2, Dispersing of raw material with one metering device, high accuracy, easy to control;

3, PLC automatic control or HMI control to realize automatic production;

4, With high-shear emulsifier to achieve better emulsifying effect and reliable property;

5, The whole process include automatic feeding, emulsifying, grinding, filtering, filling etc, production process of concentration, less human factor and easy to producion management;

6, Full automatic device for option according to customer requirements, which include automatic feeding, online test, automatic metering dosing and computer automatic control.

Machine Features:

1, Suitable for large-scale production, annual output of 1000-50000T;

2, Configuration shall be based on customer's production processes and production voluem, such as material and volume:

3, Grinding and dispersering with superfine bead mill, high efficiency and better target finished product size; 

4, Emulsification kettle is with high-shearing emulsifier, better emulsifing efficiency, better performance.

5, All is automatically control, including feeding, emulsifing, grinding, filtering, filling.

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