Complete Plant for Resin Production

【Product Brief】

Cisun resin production line to satisfy automatic dosing control system. Based on different resin products and production processes, we will offer matched design and equipments for you. We can design a fully automatic and closed production line from raw materials storage, metering, addition to finished products conveying, storage and filling.

Product Details

1, Metering type: weighing model or voulmetric type.

2, Heated via electricity, steam or oil.

3, Parts contacted with materail is SUS304 or SUS 316L, or others;

4, Control parts: PLC control or human machine interface, automatically;

5, Customized as per your particular production processes;

6, Stable and reliable temperature control system, control temperature via sensors;

7, Automatically control system to ensure the line working as planed;

8, All parts are made besed on National Standards, to ensure it stable and reliable and safe.


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