Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifier

【Product Brief】

The vacuum homogenizing emulsifying unit is composed of a homogenizer pot (elevating lid, flip-type pot body), water pot, oil pot, scraping wall double stirring, vacuum system, electric heating or steam heating, temperature control system, and electrical control. Widely used in biopharmaceuticals, household chemical,and other industries of the like.

Product Details

Product features

 (1) The emulsification process is carried out under full-sealing conditions, effectively preventing dust and microorganisms from being contaminated;

 (2) Automatically control the heating temperature, and heated by electric to the heating medium;

 (3) Cooling water is available to connect, simple and convenient operation. insulation layer included.

Different kinds of emulsifying heads:Claw shape rotor&stator, pipeline type、bottom-mounted rotor&stator、 unidirectional suction rotor&stator  



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