Laboratory Homogenizer/Emulsifier

【Product Brief】

High-Shear emulsifier brings the material into a synthetic reaction in strong mechanical and hydraulic shearing, centrifugal pressing, liquid layer friction, impacting, tearing and turbulent flow within the precise clearances between the rotor and the stator, to obtain desired dispersering, milling or emulsifying effects. Lab emulsifier is mainly used for some small batch production of cosmetic, food etc. It's the best choice for researching institution, university, epidemic prevention and manufacturer production to scientific research, to develop products, to control quality and process.

Product Details

【Reference Picture】



Model Power(KW) Speed(r/min) Capacity(L) Lifting(mm) Lifting way Weight(kg)
CSR-300 0.3 0-28000 0.05-1 300 Manual 10
CSR-400 0.45 0-12000 1-5 300 Manual 12

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